First yes from the EU Commission to Croatia’s Prosek

For the first time, the European Commission has granted admissibility to Croatian Prosek: Zagreb’s application to obtain the recognition of the traditional term “Prosek” for wine. According to the Commission, the application seems to be in compliance with the requirements of validity and, therefore, decided to proceed with its publication in the Official Journal.

Italy seems to be ready to present its objections, through all means, in order to protect its DOC for “Prosecco.” In fact, the matter does not seem to be over, as Italy now has 60 days to file its observations.

The worry is that there will be a remarkable risk of confusion between the original Prosecco, the renowned Italian wine, which is one the most emblematic symbols of Italian excellence – whose grapes grow on the hills of Treviso, Unesco heritage – and the Croatian product.

This decision, moreover, seems to be in contrast with what was stated recently on September 9th by the EU Court of Justice and, namely, that DOPs not only cannot be “copied”, but also cannot be evoked in the name (Champanillo case (C-783/19)).

We will see how this contradiction will be resolved.


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