Covid effect – Which brands are growing the most?

Comment by Andrea Lucentini
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After 2 years of continuous growth, the value of the main brands in the luxury sector drops from 1 to 9%. The Digitech giants remain firmly at the top of the rankings. The Social Media and Videoconferencing platforms are growing more. Logistics and financial services also performed well. This is what emerges from Interbrand’s analysis of the value of brands.

– Fashion and Made in Italy
– TOP 5
– Social Media and Videoconferencing
– Logistics
– Financial services

Fashion and Made in Italy

The only ones to grow are the sports brands with Nike (+ 6%) and Adidas (+ 1%), perhaps thanks to the sizeable number of the population that has rediscovered runners.

Among the Italian brands that resist in the TOP 100 we find Gucci at #32 (-2%), Ferrari #79 (-1%) and Prada #99 (-6%).

Giants like Zara and H&M lose respectively 13 and 14%, dropping in the ranking by 6 positions.


The Cupertino brand confirms itself as the leader in the rankings, despite the “COVID effect”, the value of the Apple brand rises by 38%. As widely understood, Amazon is one of the fastest growing brands after Lockdown and conquers the second position with + 60%. Microsoft overtakes Google (continuously in 3rd place since 2012) scoring + 53% while the Mountain View giant loses 1%. Samsung for the first time in the top 5, against a giant like Coca-Cola (-10%), the Korean company marks a + 2% with a brand value of 62.289 million dollars.

Social Media and Videoconferencing

Again no surprise (except perhaps the fact that they weren’t already in the ranking).
Instagram and Youtube are in fact 2 golden new entries that are placed respectively in 19th and 30th position, while Zoom (a tool that has become essential in terms of lockdown) grabs the 10th position for the first time since its foundation.
Spotify climbs 22 positions (from 92 to 70) with a + 52% and Netflix to the 41st and a + 41%.


The logistics sector is also growing, driven by the boom in e-commerce. UPS (Pos. 24), Fedex (Pos. 75) and DHL (Pos. 81) grow on average by 5%

Financial services

To take advantage of the trend of online shopping there could only be the major online payment circuits:
Paypal (+ 38%) from 72nd to 60th position
Visa (+ 15%) from the 55th to the 45th
Mastercard (+ 17%) from the 63rd to the 57th

Interbrand carries out a comprehensive analysis every year on the brands of the major companies in the market.

To be included in the Best Global Brands ranking, a brand must:

– Have 30% of the revenue coming from outside its region of origin.
– Have a significant presence in Asia, Europe and North America as well as geographic coverage in emerging markets.
– Sufficient data on the financial performance of the brand must be publicly available.
– Have a long-term positive economic return, offering a return in excess of the brand’s cost of capital.
– Have a public profile and be sufficiently known in the main economies of the world.
– The brand’s “brand strength score” must be equal to or greater than 50.


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