Akran Intellectual Property s.r.l. assists its clients in the filing of patent applications and utility models in all areas of technological innovation (mechanics, chemicals, electronics, computer programs, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, etc.) as well as in the filing of design applications, both nationally and internationally, handling all the activities necessary to obtain and maintain the exclusive rights thereon.

In particular, AKRAN Intellectual Property s.r.l. carries out:

•  Prior art searches to determine the potential patentability / registrability of patents / models / designs

•   Filing of patent applications, models and designs and the relative preparations (i.e. drafting the application and claims, etc.).

•  Extension of patent applications, models and designs to all countries worldwide, under the provisions of existing international conventions and with the support of correspondents and partners;

•  Monitoring to detect applications filed by third parties in particular sectors of interest, and on the most important databases in the world, and the resulting actions (such as oppositions, litigation etc.).

•  Management of eventual opposition procedures (e.g. before the European Patent Office).

•  Drafting and evaluation of contracts aimed at regulating the formation and circulation of exclusive rights on patents, models and designs (assignments, licenses etc.) and any other agreement to govern the exploitation or the development of such rights

•  Economic evaluations of patents / models / designs.

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