As part of the Community Programme Horizon 2020 individual EU Member States are adopting tools aimed at increasing the competitiveness of enterprises by promoting, amongst others, Research & Development and synergy between public research centers (including academies and research institutes) and private enterprises.

In particular, individual Member States adopt specific regulatory instruments and allocate resources in specific funds to promote the creation of value, by funding research projects, facilitating, among other things, the creation of so-called “innovative start-ups” or “university spin offs” supporting so-called business incubators.

Intangible assets are of the primary strategic value and therefore the identification, protection and exploitation of intellectual and industrial property rights are essential actions for the success of such academic and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The professionals at AKRAN Studio Legale Associato, in collaboration with a leading consulting firm in the field of grant awards, assist clients during the various stages of development of such business entities (from their constitution to the possible entry of financial or industrial investors in the shareholding, and from the valuation of intangible assets to their marketing).

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