AIPPI Trilateral Meeting – Sport & IP

Thursday 26 and Friday 27 March we’ll be at the AIPPI Trilateral Meeting in Venice.
We’ll meet with colleagues from Italy, France and Spain to discuss Sport and Intellectual Property. The event was jointly organized by the Italian, French and Spanish national groups of AIPPI and involved our Managing Partner Alessandro Masetti, recently re-elected to the CE of the Italian group.

The main topics of the meeting will be:

  • Sport and innovation – The protection of technological solutions between patents and know-how; international bodies requirements; standards and compulsory licenses.

  • E-sports and video games – IP issues in connection with e-esports; the rights of the videogame copyright owners vs the rights of the event organizers and club/athletes.

  • Protection of IP resources in football – Trademarks, TV rights, rights of publicity, and their licenses.

  • Sports event streaming – The relationship among the different parties involved (IP owner, broadcasters, hosting providers, ISP);  dynamic injunctions and recent developments of case law.

  • Ambush marketing – How to protect IP rights and sponsorship agreement in connection with sport events.

  • Copyright protection of sports events

Program and speakers

“The Italian Group of AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property has been dealing with the study and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights since the beginning of the last century (its constitution dates back to 1926).

The group’s activity takes place within the international association of the same name, which has worldwide relevance and pursues the improvement, development and harmonization of intellectual property protection systems.

Established in 1897, politically independent and non-profit, the international association is based in Switzerland and has over 9,000 members, representing more than 100 countries located on all continents, mainly in Europe, North and South America, Asia.

It operates mainly through the national groups, of which the Italian one is one of the most important, with over 580 members.

The regional groups are added to the national groups, as well as a certain number of independent members, belonging to countries in which a national group is not established AIPPI membership is representative of the various entities operating in the intellectual property sector: businesses and their representatives, lawyers, trademark and patent consultants, judges, academics, inventors, marketers.

AIPPI therefore does not represent the interests of a category, but expresses itself and works within the entire sector chain; thus taking into account the needs of all its players, who in any capacity operate within the same. “


Akran Intellectual Property assists Italian and International clients in all aspects of Italian, EU and International trademark protection and enforcement including non-contentious IP consulting, litigation, anti-counterfeiting activity (in collaboration with Customs and Finance Police), Trademark licensing, reassignment of domain names and EU design registrations.


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